OBD II Verification Tester 

The EASE OBD II Verification Tester with CAN is a handheld unit for verifying the correct operation of OBD II interface devices utilized in emissions programs and other applications.  To provide complete versatility, the unit is configurable using a software utility to create 8 custom test configurations.

The following can be customized for each of the 8 custom configurations:

OBD II Protocol – ISO-9141 (ISO), ISO 14230 (KWP2000 Fast & Slow), SAE J1850(PWM & VPW), and ISO 15765/SAE J2284 (CAN)


MIL Status – OFF or ON

I/M Monitors Status – Completed, Not Completed or Unsupported

Users can enter up to 6 Stored Generic or Manufacturer Specific DTCs - Powertrain (P), Body (B), Chassis (C), and Network (U) are all accepted. 

Fixed values (english or metric) can be set for 30 data parameters. (see table below) *

Mode 9 Data can be set for VIN, Calibration ID, Calibration Verification Numbers

The B1/S1 and B1/S2 Oxygen Sensor values can vary in a sine wave pattern between 0 and 1 V

Other features:

The Engine RPM can be set to a fixed 700 or 2500 RPM value or it can be set to vary between 700 and 2500 RPM

Setup: The EASE OBD II Verification Tester unit is connected to a PC’s serial (COM) port.  The desired test settings are configured in the software and downloaded to the unit.  These settings are saved even after the unit has been powered off.  The OBD II interface device to be tested is plugged into the J1962 Diagnostic connector located on the endplate of the unit.  Both the OBD II interface device and EASE OBD II Verification Tester are powered by 12 VDC from an external source.  A LED is provided to designate Power status.

Package Includes (Part #: VERTEST-3020-C): OBD II Verification Tester Unit with CAN support, 1.5 A 12 VDC Power Transformer, Serial Cable, Software Utility, Plastic Storage Case, User's Guide

Software Specifications & System Requirements : Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP,  one free serial port



To prevent the EASE OBD II Verification Tester from being substituted as a "clean" vehicle in an emissions inspection, we have built in the following security features.  

  • The controller ID is permanently set to $FD.  This value is not an acceptable controller ID.
  • The number of PIDs is always 32.  On an actual vehicle this would mean all the PIDS were supported.  This is not likely to happen. 
  • The AC Sys Refrig I/M Monitor is always Supported and Not Complete. No vehicle currently supports this I/M monitor. 
* Parameters that fixed values can be set for
Absolute Throttle Position Secondary Air Status
Calculated Load Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B1
Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B2
Fuel Pressure Gage Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B1/S1
Fuel System 1 Status Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B1/S2
Fuel System 2 Status Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B1/S3
Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B1/S4
Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B2/S1
Long Term Fuel Trim (LTFT) – B1 Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B2/S2
Long Term Fuel Trim (LTFT) – B2 Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B2/S3
Mass Air Flow (MAF) Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) – B2/S4
Oxygen Sensor Voltage – B1/S3 Spark Advance - #1
Oxygen Sensor Voltage – B1/S4 Vehicle Speed
Oxygen Sensor Voltage – B2/S1  
Oxygen Sensor Voltage – B2/S2  
Oxygen Sensor Voltage – B2/S3  
Oxygen Sensor Voltage – B2/S4  
Parameters that can be set to vary with
Oxygen Sensor Voltage – B1/S1 - Can be set to vary in a sine wave pattern between 0 and 1 V
Oxygen Sensor Voltage – B1/S2 - Can be set to vary in a sine wave pattern between 0 and 1 V
Engine RPM - Can be set to a fixed 700 or 2500 RPM or can be set to vary between 700 and 2500 RPM

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