Turn your PC into a high resolution oscilloscope with the EASE PC Scope Software and the PicoScope 4000 automotive oscilloscope. Combine with the EASE PC Scan Tool to create the ultimate diagnostic workstation. 

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Enhanced Graphing Controls
Customizable Configurations
  Built in Wave Form Library
  Screen Capture
  Report Generation
  15 Standard Signal Measurements
  Horizontal & Vertical Cursors

When combined with the EASE PC Scan Tool, OBD processed vehicle data as interpreted by the ECM can be compared to actual data as read from a component.

PicoScope 4000 oscilloscopes are designed to save you time and money by making it easier and faster to diagnose faults on today’s modern vehicles. Fast sampling speeds, large memory and bandwidth means that not only is it suitable for use on all current vehicles, but it will continue to be of use in diagnosing faults with the complex electrical and electronic systems that will be found on new and future generations of vehicles.


2 Channels
Up to 80 MS/s real-time sample rate
Up to 20 MHz bandwidth
32 MB sample memory
100 V  maximum input
No power supply required
Protected against overloads and short circuits

 Easily capture large and complex waveforms

The 32 MB sample buffer of the PicoScope automotive oscilloscope allows complex waveforms to be captured in great detail — even if they last for long periods of time; while the high, 12-bit, resolution makes it possible to expand the captured waveform to allow you to examine every last detail of the waveform.  The PicoScope is a dual-channel oscilloscope and is capable of capturing waveforms from up to 2 sensors at once.


Ignition (primary & secondary)
Injectors and Fuel Pumps
Starter and Charging Currents
ABS Sensors
Crank and Cam Sensors
Air Flow and MAP Sensors
Oxygen Sensors
Virtually all electrical and electronic vehicle components.

In the workshop or on the road — the choice is yours

 The PicoScope automotive oscilloscope is powered directly from the USB port of your computer — eliminating the need for power leads or battery packs, and making the PicoScope suitable for use both for workshop-based and mobile automotive diagnostics.

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