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Versions X2 - Professional PC Scan Tool Software Update

Your software can be updated to the final X2 release by selecting File\Check For Updates in the Scan Tool Software menu bar.

  • Contact EASE Tech Support  if you have questions or have problems installing updates. Please note, the support on your EASE product has expired, you will be charged per incident for technical support.  Most EASE products include 1 year of technical support.
  • Any party who downloads any of the files, agrees and accepts the Terms and Conditions which apply to all update downloads.

EASE Version X2 PRO Scan Tool Customers - Add New Model Year Coverage To Your EASE Scan Tool with an X3 Pro Software Data Update

scantool update

EASE PC Scan Tool Version X3 is here!!   Extensive data coverage thru 2016 has been added, including more controllers, data and bi-directional controls than we've ever had before making this our best release ever!

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Version X2 Pro Scan Tool Software Users can download Version X3 for free!

scantool update

Good news!  In appreciation for your business we want to make our latest Professional PC Scan Tool software version available for you to download at no charge.  EASE X3 Pro is our best version yet.  We added more data and features and fixed issues.

Please note you will only have access to the OEM capabilities and model years that were included with your X2 purchase.   For example: If you previously purchased our EASE-X2 software, then you had enhanced data for GM vehicles thru model year 2012.   When using Version X3 you will also only have access to GM vehicles thru model year 2012.  

If you would like to have access to the new vehicle data added with the X3 release, you must purchase a software data update.  Click here for more information.

To get Version X3, please fill out the form below. We will email you a software download link and instructions. 

Requirement: You will need to use your current EASE X2 Pro USB flash drive security dongle on any computer that you install the software on.  If you do not, then the software will only work in demo mode.

Please check out the software requirements for Version X3 Pro.

Complete the Form Below To Request the EASE X3 Pro Software Download Link

This form is for EASE X2 Pro Customers only.  Check Yes to enter the email you want the download link emailed to and the Name and Company (if applicable) the the software was purchased by.   If you did not purchase the software, click here to get the demo version.